Alzheimer's Reversal

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Alzminer’s reversal, is only about the restoration of nature’s bio-electric energy.

  • Between 1999 and 2014, the death rate from Alzheimer’s increased by 55 percent, killing more than 93,500 Americans in 2014, but they were severely underreported
  • A 2014 research analysis of organ donation showed the true 2010 death rate exceeded half a million with a 55% growth rate increase over the last seven years.
  • The single, major contributing cause to the rise in Alzheimer’s, is the sugar & cooked food diet, and then pharmaceutical intervention, toxic cosmetics, inactive water, family stress, prion infection from flesh foods, lack of sun exposure and overexposure to toxic chemicals and non-native electromagnetic fields: all causing insulin resistant, diabetes of the brain.
  • With Alzheimer’s affecting 6,000,000 and growing in more than 3,000,000 patients per year, the problem of this alarming hidden reality and its reversal is as simple as your personal eating and eliminating. You must personally take charge as there is no agency that will tell you the truth or guide your restoration.
  • I share with you from experience of those that I have helped over my 40 years of experienced practice, as all illness is electrical & spirit reduction from internal congestion from use of dead material. All reversal is through the addition live electric, alkaline foods, water, therapeutics, cosmetics and eventually living in a tree filled environment.
  • We are a product of our original electric live nature. The bible exhorts “thou shall not kill”. The Essene Gospel of Peace translated only once in 2,000 years states ” Eat not anything which the fire of death gives savor, for such is of Satan.

My best reversal activation started 1n 1993 when sons spoke of their mother having been pronounced with Alzheimers. We provider our mental restorative formulas which her sons purchased faithfully until 2005 when they decided that at her age, the activity was no longer necessary. She continued to use a push mower, provide meals for her husband and read the newspaper during that 12 year period.


About two years later we began to provide epilepsy treatment by providing 3 months of formulas. Our thought was that it might take years to reduce her 4 times a week fainting spells. It has now been 20 years without a headache or spell and she now drives, caring for family with no problems.

 We supply live foods, structured water, personal therapies and guidance.

Alternative View Point of the Disorder

70 is the new 30

...but before this can happen one must balance one’s life with nature, our original mother, hence the term "mother nature". Taking care of our body is the greatest objective we can have in a world filled with some many other "have-too's". Many ancient cultures wrote about ages of pharaohs being 500 plus or having children at 900 years old. What is so different is our relationship with our life force or spirit. This comes from all eating, and creative daily activities to our thoughts about our self in relation to our external world. The saturation of mislead diagnosis from  the historic medical industry, and negative ads about various health issues, causes a disconnect with the "real" reason behind ones current "condition", of spiritual deficiency and the lost aspects of one’s inner self. Through strengthening one’s inner spiritual life and caring for the internal systems of the body naturally, one inspires a healthier future, greater life creativity with knowledge of self, as well as the power to conquer one’s world!

At various stages in life, the process of spontaneous self-renewal, can sometimes be uncomfortable or uneasy; but the body always renews its self with the use of herbs, essential oils, natural cosmetics, fresh living foods, colon cleansing, structured water and a loving family/home life process. Use of more living energy in fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and the spiritual force of self-loving creativity, will assist the path of renewal through grounding self upon a different path rather than floundering in this so called "condition" of Alzheimer’s. As an "older" person re-configuring activity and life purpose, involves the reactivation of numerous ganglionic control systems. As we have many brains in our bodies, rebooting various brain systems other than just that of the head, thoughts can seem to be focused in a space that is considered not "normal" according to world standards of rapid activity without deeper feeling.  From thoughts of old memories, within ones DNA pool to seeing different aspects of family members while accessing vital cellular information, elders acquire a different protective viewpoint. They care not to stress about technologically intrusive programming of life seeming somewhat aloof (within one’s own world). This truly is a very healing space to help plug back into one’s inborn spiritual essence, void of others expectations. Acquiring awareness of this process, with the inclusion of natural energetic foods and compassion from loved ones desires, there is hope in evolving another loving stage in the fulfillment life’s purpose.

Joyful Healing